Books & Other Writing

Most of my published books are historical non-fiction biographies about interesting people. I wrote my two Queen Elizabeth I books to explore her part in the economic, political and religious history of her times in a way that I felt had not been adequately addressed. My two World War II books are biographies of two influential–yet unknown– people who have had a lasting effect on history : Hitler’s art dealer, Hildebrand Gurlitt; and the American millionairess and Nazi collaborator, Florence Gould. Historians, very generally, can be divided into two camps: those who feel that the events make history and those who feel that is the people who do so. I fall into the latter camp, for good or ill.

While non-fiction books form the backbone of my published material, I also write screenplays, screenplay treatments, fiction and articles. As a born American, living in Europe for over thirty years (France and Great Britain), I believe I have a unique perspective on the world outside of the United States. As a naturalised British subject, who has worked widely in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, I also feel that I can offer an international perspective to America from a British and European perspective.

If you have a project that you think I might be interested in tackling (other than books), please feel free to contact either me or my agent,