Books & Other Writing

Most of my published books are historical non-fiction biographies about interesting people. I wrote my two Queen Elizabeth I books to explore her part in the economic, political and religious history of her times in a way that I felt had not been adequately addressed. My two World War II books are biographies of two influential–yet unknown– people who have had a lasting effect on history : Hitler’s art dealer, Hildebrand Gurlitt; and the American millionairess and Nazi collaborator, Florence Gould. My next book about Condé Nast, places this exceptional man in the context of his times (1873-1942) and shows how he influenced fashion, design, shops, and publishing. Historians, generally, can be divided into two camps: those who feel that the events make history and those who feel that is the people who do so. I fall into the latter camp, for good or ill.

While non-fiction books form the backbone of my published material, I also write screenplays, screenplay treatments, fiction and articles. As a British-American, I believe I offer  a unique perspective on the world outside of North America. I have worked for governments and high net worth individuals for the conversion of historic assets to alternate use in the United States, Europe, Africa and the Middle East and have travelled widely for my work as a corporate finance adviser.

If you have a project that you think I might be interested in tackling (other than books), please feel free to contact either me or my agent,