Current Projects

A DANGEROUS WOMAN – AMERICAN BEAUTY, NOTED PHILANTHROPIST, NAZI COLLABORATOR: THE LIFE OF FLORENCE GOULD. Publication Date: February 20, 2018. Please see my A DANGEROUS WOMAN page for where to make an advanced purchase. Noted for her voracious sexual appetite – said to make Catherine the Great of Russia blanch – she married into great wealth, and became an avid collector of people of interest in dangerously changing times. Some say she was a racketeer and Nazi collaborator. Others that she saved her friends’  lives and was a great patron of the arts. Both are true. An exact contemporary of Gurlitt’s, she bid against him at Paris auctions, and accumulated a valuable Impressionist art collection (some of which was of dubious provenance) both during and immediately after World War II. Her life story is anything but dull.

I am currently writing my next book, a biography, also for St. Martin’s Press, entitled THE CONDÉ NAST STORY – THE MAN AND HIS EMPIRE. Virtually everyone has heard of Condé Nast, but few know that he was a man whose publishing empire became the North Star for the past 100 years in quality publications. As an internationally recognized icon in fashion, culture and social preferences, Condé Nast (1873-1942) was also one of the world’s greatest marketeers, bringing European fashion to America, and American know-how spiced with a can-do spirit to Europe. He flavored all his effort with the same zest as the robber barons who built America’s railroads, skyscrapers, and great fortunes. His magazines, Vogue and Vanity Fair popularized glamour in a way that was never shown before – starting with the quality of its paper and inks – to the more obvious great, good and notable who graced his glossy covers. He was the first to use a Hollywood movie star to sell his publications; and the first to connect the missing dots between art, design, culture, and fashion. His rise from middle-class Middle America to international man-about-town whose shoulders were rubbed thin by the great and the notable make for a fascinating biography. For those who know my last two books, you might ask, So, where are the Nazis some might ask? There aren’t any. Then, who are the bad guys? The guys we all know and love to lampoon for all the right reasons – bankers.


I’ve completed a film script for a music fantasy entitled The Glass Harmonica for its Executive Producer and Composer, Richard G. Mitchell.

The option on the film script of Shakespeare’s Daughter has been extended to Wild Thyme Productions.

The film script written by my husband and myself Silent Treachery about the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II, is available for option.

I’ve completed the TV treatment for a lengthy mini-series on Helena Rubinstein.