Book cover of Novel Shakespeare's Daughter by Susan Ronald

Shakespeare's Daughter

It’s Lent 1615. Susanna Shakespeare Hall — the hard-working but unknown and ungenteel daughter of the “rock star” playwright of the day, William Shakespeare — has had enough. She runs hell-for-leather from sleepy Stratford-upon-Avon and her philandering doctor husband, vowing never to return. Her destination? London. The London she’s heard so much about and has never seen. That same London that has stolen away her father. Susanna has myriad scores to settle and questions she needs answering, and only one person can be held to account — William Shakespeare. Naturally, her Shakespearean road trip is anything but smooth, as she encounters infamous highwaymen, footpads and handsome actors in a world far richer in rapscallions than any of her father’s plays. But when she finally meets up with her famous dad, Susanna slowly realises that things are not as they seem… that her anger at Will has blinded her to life and love and only he holds the key to her release.