Film Credits

I have also written for the screen and produced a promenade performance at Elsinore Castle of Hamlet as well as a short film. My current credits are below


The film script of Shakespeare’s Daughter by Susan Ronald and Sally Robinson is available for option.

Other film scripts available are:
  • The Captive Queen

    based on the book by Alison Weir of the same title.

  • Silent Treachery

    The story of the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II

Susan’s other film and stage credits include:
  • Nazi Treasure Hunters

    Self, Historian, Nazi Treasure Hunters (1 episode) (2017)

  • Inside the Court of Henry VIII

    Self, Historian, Inside the Court of Henry VIII (1 episode) (2015)

  • Why We Skate

    Producer, Why We Skate - film documentary (2011)

  • Bird Brain

    Executive Producer, Short film Bird Brain (2010)

  • Hamlet at Elsinore

    Producer, Hamlet at Elsinore Castle (2010) - promenade performance